Will Loki Return In The MCU?


Loki's New MCU Title Sparks Multiverse Mayhem:The God of Mischief's latest title unleashes chaos across timelines.

Timeline Tangle: Loki's Shenanigans Impact Doctor Strange's Multiverse of Madness:Loki's actions send ripples, complicating the Sorcerer Supreme's quest.

Thor: Love and Thunder Threatened by Loki's Multiverse Menace:Asgard's future hangs in the balance due to Loki's unpredictable antics.

Eternals Face Unforeseen Challenges: Loki's New Role Alters Cosmic Dynamics:The eternal struggle takes an unexpected turn with Loki's interference.

Spider-Man: No Way Home's Villains Linked to Loki's Multiverse Mischief:Spidey's foes connect to Loki, hinting at a tangled web of chaos.

Blade's Supernatural Struggles Intensify: Loki's Role in Vampire Wars Unveiled:The vampire hunter faces supernatural threats tied to Loki's multiverse meddling.