Unity Introducing New Fee Attached To Game Installs

Unity Introducing New Fee Attached To Game Installs

Unity A Popular Game Engine Is Introducing A New Fee Attached To Game Installs.

The Fee Will Be 20 Cents Per Install For Games That Have Made Over $200000 In Revenue In The Past Year Or Have Over 200000 Lifetime Installs.

The Fee Will Start On January 1 2024.

Unity Says The Fee Is Necessary To Help Fund Its Ongoing Development And Support For The Unity Platform.

The Fee Has Been Met With Mixed Reactions From Developers With Some Expressing Concern That It Will Make It More Difficult For Indie Developers To Make Games.

Others Have Said That The Fee Is Fair And That It Will Help To Ensure That Unity Remains A Sustainable Business.

Unity Is Also Offering A Number Of Ways For Developers To Reduce Or Avoid The Fee Such As By Using Unity'S Ads Product Or By Participating In The Unity Partner Program.

The New Fee Is Part Of A Broader Trend Of Game Engines And Platforms Charging For Game Installs. Epic Games The Creator Of The Unreal Engine Has Also Announced Plans To Introduce A Similar Fee.