Taylor Swift's dad called 'traitorous' for wearing Chiefs gear despite Eagles fandom


1. Fandom Faux Pas: Taylor Swift's dad faces backlash for sporting Chiefs gear. 2. Betraying the Eagles: Swift Sr. dubbed 'traitorous' by die-hard fans.

1. Family Rivalry: Tension rises as loyalties clash on game day. 2. Fashion or Fumble: Was the gear choice intentional or accidental?

1. Dad's Dilemma: Navigating the tricky terrain of dual sports allegiance. 2. Social Media Storm: Twitter erupts with memes and heated debates.

1. Swifties React: Fanbase divided over the jersey switch scandal. 2. Celebrity Sports Showdown: When fandom eclipses even family ties.

1. Dad's Defense: Swift Sr. speaks out on his unconventional game-day attire. 2. Lesson Learned: The perils of mixing sports loyalty and famous offspring.