MCU Theory: Loki Is Secretly Doom's Replacement For Avengers 6's Secret Wars


Loki's Power Surge: Loki's recent power boost hints at a hidden agenda.

Timeline Shenanigans: MCU's love for timelines sparks speculations about Loki's role.

Doom's Absence: Dr. Doom's missing presence raises questions about Loki's substitution.

Master Manipulator: Loki's expertise in manipulation fits Secret Wars' intricate plot.

God of Mischief's Evolution: Loki's character arc aligns with Secret Wars' demands.

Multiverse Connections: Loki's multiverse exploration mirrors Secret Wars' multiversal setting.

Symbolic Transformation: Loki's shift from villain to potential savior parallels Doom.

Mysterious Alliances: Loki's ambiguous alliances may serve a grander purpose in Secret Wars.

Ominous Foreshadowing: MCU loves dropping subtle hints; Loki's actions may foreshadow Secret Wars.