Explained: airline ticket fraud, how it works and tips to stay protected


Understanding the Scam: Airline ticket fraud involves fake ticket sales or phishing schemes. Fraudsters exploit travelers' urgency, selling non-existent tickets or stealing personal information.

Phishing Tactics: Scammers often use phishing emails or fake websites, mimicking legitimate airlines. These emails may contain malicious links or attachments that compromise personal information.

Fake Ticket Sales: Fraudsters create realistic-looking tickets, luring victims with discounted prices. Once payment is made, victims receive nothing, discovering the scam only at the airport.

Identity Theft Risks: Providing personal information during ticket purchase opens doors for identity theft. Scammers use stolen data for various fraudulent activities, amplifying the damage beyond ticket costs.

Tips for Protection: Confirm the legitimacy of the website or agent before purchasing. Use secure payment methods, and avoid sharing excessive personal information online to reduce the risk of identity theft. Stay vigilant against phishing attempts, verifying communication directly with airlines.