Deadpool 3 Director Is Still Refusing To Debunk Those Taylor Swift Casting Rumor


Mysterious Directorial Silence: The Deadpool 3 director continues to keep fans on the edge, refusing to debunk the persistent rumors surrounding Taylor Swift's casting.

Swift's Potential Marvel Debut: Speculation runs wild as fans eagerly await confirmation or denial of Taylor Swift joining the Deadpool universe in a yet-to-be-disclosed role.

Social Media Teasers: Cryptic tweets and Instagram posts from the director only add fuel to the fire, leaving fans more convinced than ever that Swift is set to make a splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel's Poker Face: Marvel Studios maintains a stoic silence, neither confirming nor denying the swirling rumors, leaving the door wide open for speculation and excitement to reach new heights.

Deadpool's Unpredictability: Given Deadpool's penchant for breaking the fourth wall, the ongoing mystery surrounding Swift's involvement perfectly aligns with the character's unpredictable and unconventional nature.

Fan Theories in Overdrive: Online forums and fan communities are abuzz with imaginative theories, attempting to decipher the director's cryptic clues and predict how Swift's potential character could fit into the Deadpool storyline.