Damian Lillard Made NBA History In Pistons-Bucks Game


Clutch King: Damian Lillard's remarkable performance in the Pistons-Bucks game solidified his status as the NBA's clutch king, hitting key shots when it mattered most.

Record-Breaking Threes: Lillard's historic night included a jaw-dropping display of three-point shooting, setting a new NBA record for most threes in a single game.

Overtime Heroics: The game went into overtime, and Lillard's resilience and skill shone through as he dominated in the extra period, securing a memorable victory.

Triple-Double Feat: In a rare achievement, Lillard not only scored at will but also contributed significantly in rebounds and assists, recording a triple-double that showcased his all-around brilliance.

Legendary Company: Lillard's performance puts him in the company of NBA legends, etching his name in the annals of basketball history alongside some of the greatest to ever play the game.