Bedtime Yoga for a Restful Mind and Body: A Holistic Approach


Gentle Stretches: Start with easy stretches like Child's Pose, promoting relaxation and flexibility, easing tension from the day.

Deep Breathing: Incorporate deep, rhythmic breaths to calm the nervous system, enhancing oxygen flow and preparing the body for rest.

Twisting Poses: Release spinal tension with gentle twists, aiding digestion and relieving lower back discomfort for a comfortable night's sleep.

Legs Up the Wall: Promote blood circulation and reduce swelling in the legs, helping to soothe tired muscles and create a sense of grounding.

Mindful Meditation: Wind down with a short meditation, focusing on the breath or a calming mantra to clear the mind and encourage peaceful thoughts.

Soothing Savasana: End your bedtime yoga routine with a blissful Savasana, allowing the body and mind to fully relax before slipping into a restful sleep.