8 Ways To Use Canned Beets

8 Ways To Use Canned Beets Scribbled Underline

Salads: Toss Canned Beets Into Green Salads For Added Color Flavor And Nutrients.

Borscht: Make A Classic Russian Beet Soup By Simmering Canned Beets With Other Ingredients Like Onions Carrots And Cabbage.

Smoothies: Blend Canned Beets With Fruits And Yogurt For A Nutritious And Colorful Smoothie.

Beet Hummus: Puree Canned Beets With Chickpeas Tahini And Spices To Create A Vibrant Beet Hummus.

Beet Dip: Mash Or Blend Canned Beets With Greek Yogurt Garlic And Herbs To Make A Tasty Dip For Veggies Or Crackers.

Beet Burgers: Mix Canned Beets With Black Beans Oats And Spices To Create Homemade Beet Burgers.

Pickled Beets: Use Canned Beets As A Base For Making Your Own Pickled Beets With Vinegar Sugar And Spices.

Roasted Beets: Drain And Roast Canned Beets With Olive Oil And Seasonings Until They Caramelize And Become Tender.