7 'Unstylish' Haircuts That Instantly Age Women Over 40

7 'Unstylish' Haircuts That Instantly Age Women Over 40

Very Long Hair: Extremely Long Hair Can Sometimes Drag Down The Face And Look Less Youthful.

Blunt Bangs: Straight-Across Bangs Can Create Harsh Lines And May Emphasize Fine Lines And Wrinkles.

Ultra-Short Pixie: An Extremely Short Pixie Cut Might Appear Too Severe And Less Versatile As Women Age.

Choppy Layers: Overly Choppy Or Jagged Layers Can Be Unflattering And May Not Provide The Desired Youthful Look.

Heavy Perm: Excessive Perms Can Look Dated And Add Unnecessary Volume Which May Not Complement An Older Face Shape.

Solid Color: A Single Solid Hair Color Can Sometimes Appear Harsh; Incorporating Subtle Highlights Or Lowlights Can Soften The Overall Look.

Overly Straight Hair: Stick-Straight Hair Can Lack Volume And Texture Potentially Making The Face Appear More Severe.

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