7 Gross Foods You'D Never Want To Taste

8 Gross Foods You'D Never Want To Taste

Balut A Fertilized Duck Embryo Often Eaten In Southeast Asia Can Be Off-Putting Due To Its Appearance And Texture.

Duria N Known As The "King Of Fruits" It Has A Strong Odor That Many Find Unpleasant While Others Enjoy Its Custard-Like Flesh.

Natto A Japanese Dish Of Fermented Soybeans Natto Has A Strong Smell And Slimy Texture That Some May Find Unpalatable.

Surst Römming A Swedish Dish Of Fermented Herring Surströmming Is Notorious For Its Pungent Odor And Acquired Taste.

Hákar L An Icelandic Dish Of Fermented Shark Meat Hákarl Is Known For Its Ammonia-Like Smell And Intense Flavor.

Stink Heads A Traditional Alaskan Native Food Made By Fermenting Fish Heads Stinkheads Live Up To Their Name With Their S Trong Odor.

Casu Marzu An Italian Cheese With Live Insect Larvae Casu Marzu Can Be Unsettling Due To Its Texture And The Presence O F Maggots.

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