5 Flu Shot Side Effects You Should Know About


Slight Discomfort: It's normal to experience mild pain or redness at the injection site. This usually subsides within a day or two.

Low-Grade Fever: Some individuals may develop a low-grade fever as a common response to the flu shot, indicating the body's immune system is reacting.

Muscle Aches: Temporary muscle aches might occur, especially in the arm where the shot was administered. This is a common, short-lived side effect.

Fatigue: Feeling a bit tired or lethargic is a typical reaction to the flu vaccine. It's the body's way of responding to the immunization process.

Headache: A mild headache could occur post-vaccination. Staying hydrated and getting enough rest usually helps alleviate this side effect.

Allergic Reactions: While rare, some individuals may experience allergic reactions. Watch for signs like swelling, difficulty breathing, or a rapid heartbeat, and seek immediate medical attention if any occur.