French Bulldog Mixes: 6 Fantastic Frenchie Crossbreed


Adorable Affenpinscher French Bulldog Mix (Affenchon): – Combining the charm of Affenpinscher with Frenchie's affectionate nature. – Compact size, lively personality, and a distinctive appearance make them irresistible.

Sociable French Bulldog Beagle Mix (Frengle): – A delightful blend of Frenchie's loyalty and Beagle's playful energy. – Ideal for families, their friendly demeanor and adaptability shine.

Elegant Dachshund French Bulldog Mix (French Bullweiner): – The fusion of Frenchie's vivacity and Dachshund's unique body shape. – A charismatic companion with a quirky mix of characteristics.

Charming Chihuahua French Bulldog Mix (French Bullhuahua): – A petite powerhouse, merging Frenchie's courage with Chihuahua's feistiness. – Perfect for those seeking a pint-sized yet spirited canine companion.

Playful Poodle French Bulldog Mix (French Boodle): – Blending Frenchie's social nature with Poodle's intelligence and hypoallergenic coat. – A wonderful choice for families desiring a smart and low-shedding pet.

Spunky Shih Tzu French Bulldog Mix (French Bull Tzu): – A delightful combination, embodying Frenchie's spunk and Shih Tzu's charm. – Their affectionate nature and striking appearance make them standout companions.