5 Best Dukan Diet: Good For Weight Lose


Understanding the Dukan Diet: Expert nutritionists endorse the Dukan Diet, emphasizing its four-phase structure, focusing on high-protein, low-fat foods to trigger weight loss.

Attack Phase: Kickstart your weight loss with a protein-packed "Attack Phase," lasting 2-7 days, promoting rapid fat burning and curbing cravings.

Cruise Phase: Progress to the "Cruise Phase," alternating pure protein days with protein and vegetable days, sustaining weight loss while enhancing nutrient intake.

Consolidation Phase: Enter the "Consolidation Phase," gradually reintroducing carbs and fats, stabilizing weight loss, and preventing the rebound effect.

Permanent Stabilization: The final "Permanent Stabilization" phase ensures a lifelong commitment to a balanced diet, maintaining the achieved weight loss through sustainable, healthy eating habits.